About the Film:

Based on interviews with specialists in intelligence services, dissidents, refugees, and cold warriors, this documentary distinguishes itself from the typical mainstream perspective of the reasons and repercussions of the demise of communism.

The views of former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, CIA counterintelligence chief Tennent Bagley, former KGB mole Oleg Gordievsky, and Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky on the events that followed 1989—which most definitely did not put an end to communist ideology and mentality—are different.

Creative Approach

Political change does not always entail a changing of the guard, as the fall of communism shows. The main argument of director Robert Buchar is that despite the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia's danger to the United States during the Cold War has not diminished. The same individuals who resisted the United States are still in charge today, and they now have a more privileged position.

Buchar builds a compelling narrative about how economic turmoil in the former Soviet Union prompted top officials to reassess their approach to the conflict with the West, starting with perestroika, through a series of interviews with prominent dissidents, defectors, government agents, journalists, and professors.


Russia was successful in leading the United States to believe the Cold War had been "won" by using the dichotomy of communism vs. democracy as an ideological smokescreen. According to Buchar, Russia is currently in a rare position to portray its domestic politics favorably to the West while leveraging its links to organized crime and Cold War intelligence networks to further its strategic advantage. More dubious viewers may raise an eyebrow, but Buchar's argument is made more compelling by the use of a news ticker, vignettes, special effects, and a spy thriller-appropriate music.

The most effective form of deception is telling someone what they want to hear and letting them write the story, regardless of whether you believe all the claims made in the movie. featuring Tennent H. Bagley, a former head of counterintelligence for the CIA's Soviet division, and former defense secretary Robert M. Gates.

About the Director

Robert Buchar makes a strong argument that the fall of the Soviet Union did not end communism in the world.

Buchar, who left Czechoslovakia in 1980, spoke with numerous notable Soviet defectors, historians, political scientists, including Angelo Codevilla, who gave the keynote address at The Heartland Institute's anniversary event in 2015, and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to learn the real reasons the Soviet Union fell. He found proof that the so-called "collapse of communism" was primarily a hoax, a false narrative created to divert attention from the criminal elite's continued rule over Russia.


"This documentary is worth a serious view - several times - backed up by further independent research on the viewer's end."


The goal of the topic is to to provide more of an inside look into the true causes of the fall of the USSR. I thought this was something great to compliment other things I have seen on the topic.


"You will not find this kind of information easily. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The interviews are tremendous. This movie is excellent-- Do not pass this up!"


At first as I watched this, I was not worried... but further on I began to be concerned. The LAST thing an interviewee said was, "We won't know until its too late." YIKES! Something to ponder.